The first hospital of this network was founded 22 years ago, embodying the main intention of the founders – to create an exemplary medical institution not only for the whole of Turkey, but also for the international arena. The Memorial Clinic network provides patients with medical services of all kinds and is known throughout the world as a leader in quality services in the field of: cardiovascular surgery; genetics; organ transplantation; fertilization (artificial insemination); Infrastructure, technical equipment, highly qualified personnel, development and possession of innovations attract patients from all over the world to the medical center Memorial. Clinic Memorial named the same as Healthcare group Memorial was the first medical institution in Turkey which received the quality symbol from the Joint Commission International – JCI accreditation.

The international Medical Park hospitals group is the national brand of Turkey in the field of medicine. It is the largest and one of the most famous Turkish medical care group. Medical Park was founded in 1995 and for 27 years of its activity it has grown to 25 clinics in 17 cities of the world, employing more than 14,000 employees. Medical Park adheres to international standards. Working on the main principle “Health for All”, it accepts patients of all socio-economic statuses. Only high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment are used in the clinics of this group, as Medical Park hospitals group strives to be not only a leader in Turkey, but also an example for the world. Among the clinics of Medical Park, three hospitals received the most prestigious medical accreditation in the world – Joint Commission International (JCI). This means that the clinic meets the highest quality criteria for the parameters of the technologies used, the qualifications of medical personnel, service and scientific activities. Thanks to this, it is possible to help each patient, adhering to the main principle of Medical Park. Medical Park consists of both multidisciplinary medical institutions including all disciplines and specialized ones such as: oncology; cardiology; bone marrow transplantation center; transplant centers.

International Medical Network Medicana is one of the largest networks of medical institutions in the region. Medicana hospitals group occupy leading positions among the most high-tech medical centers in Turkey. Quality and safety of services in institutions of Medicana complies with the latest international health standards and the level of centers are compared with the top world leaders in medicine. First clinic was founded in 1995, today the Medicana network consist of 9 modern medical centers (two of which are highly advanced Dental centers), specialized institutions and research departments. The leading clinics of the group are situated in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Samsun. The Medicana clinics are accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International) which approves the network’s compliance with the “gold standards” of global medicine. After obtaining accreditation, the Quality Management Department was established on the basis of medical centers which strictly controls the conformity of the technological base, as well as the qualification of personnel to the JCI standards. Within the city of Istanbul there are three large clinics of this network: Medicana International Istanbul, Medicana Bahçelievler, Medicana Çamlıca and Medicana Ankara. People come to Medicana seeking for treatment in fields of neurosurgery, transplantation, oncology, heart surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and so on.

Medipol University Hospital is the Turkey’s largest private health investment as a university hospital incorporating General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals, Medipol University Hospital attracts attention with its modern architecture intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment and bears the distinction of being one of Turkey’s best hospitals with a new generation of technology. Medipol University Hospital, is a new reference center in the health sector in both national and international arenas. Medipol University Hospital, being the justifiably proud of Medipol Education and Health Group in Turkey and in the world, resulting in this spirit, is a health complex having JCI standards accepting patients from all over the world. Medipol University Hospital takes firm steps forward with the big investments and advances in preventive and curative health services to improve the community’s quality of life.